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Editing + SEO Package

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SEO Editing Service

What is SEO?


Your customers use Google to find companies like yours to do business with.

Search engine optimization (SEO) means being strategic with your words to help you rank well in Google for the search terms that matter.

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, organic rankings like these can’t be bought. They must be earned.

Website Editing + SEO Package

This package includes everything that’s in my regular website editing package, which ensures that your copy is clean, compelling, and primed for conversions.

Then I use pro-level SEO tools to make further data-driven editing decisions to help you rank higher in search engines for keywords that matter.

This editing + SEO package includes everything in my website editing package, plus:

  • Keyword Research: To choose the optimal keyword(s) to target for each page on your website
  • SEO Optimization of Your Copy: Clickable page titles, intelligent headers, compelling meta descriptions, and strategic internal links
  • Full Transparency: Go ahead and ask me questions. I can explain to you how SEO works in plain language. (It’s fascinating.)


Every project is unique, so I always start with a free sample edit. When I send the edited sample back to you for review, I’ll attach a quote for how much it will cost to edit and SEO optimize the rest of your copy in the same way.

As a general rule, my editing + SEO package costs about 50% more than my regular website editing package.

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