Michelle Bourbonniere, PhD

Content Optimization

Person at Desk Enjoying SEO Editing Service

SEO Editing Service

Done-for-You Copy and Content Optimization

In this service, I optimize your website on a page-by-page basis, to give your website an SEO boost.

I use pro-level SEO tools to make data-driven tweaks to the most SEO-relevant aspects of your copy to help you rank higher in search engines for keywords that matter.

Unlike most SEOs, I’m also an editor. I know the power of language, and I never sacrifice readability to stuff keywords where they don’t belong.

This service includes:

  • Keyword Selection: I begin by choosing the optimal keyword(s) to target for each page you want optimized.
  • On-Page Content Optimization: I make it crystal clear to Google which keywords you’re targeting with optimized page titles, smart headers, compelling meta descriptions, and strategic internal links.


$149 per web page



“Michelle really is phenomenal. I think a collection of words are alright, and then she works her magic and they are fantastically better.”

Teara McGinn, Senior Shopify Expert, BrightBird

Any Questions?

I’d love to answer any questions you have about my content and copy optimization service, or how SEO can help you level-up your online presence.

SEO doesn’t have to be scary. I promise.