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Michelle Bourbonniere

Website Editor and SEO Specialist

No One Needs to Write Alone.

If you’ve got a stash of half-finished rough drafts cluttering your desk, it’s probably because you care.

You care enough to get it right.

But finding the right words is hard.

And frankly, it’s taking forever.

Hand holding a pencil icon, showing the power of words.

Words matter.

My job is to help you find the words that will work for you.

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My Experience

Hello, I’m Michelle

I spent years training as a historian, and along the way I learned the art of crafting a great story.

Now I help business owners tell their stories—persuasively, confidently, and compellingly.

Your Words are Safe with Me




She can take your simple points and magically turn it into something beautiful.”

Amanda Gaudet, Postpartum Doula, YegDoula

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