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Website Editing Package

Website Editing Service - What's Included and Pricing

Website Editing Service

Words Matter. Make Yours Count.

Professional editors are trained to do a lot more than correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

This package is ideal for copy that’s been drafted but still has that work-in-progress feel. I’ll bring a fresh perspective to your copy and show you how to bring it from good to great.

When I edit, I ensure your copy:

  • uses strong, active verbs and is written in a compelling, confident way
  • includes headlines that grab your reader’s attention
  • flows seamlessly from one sentence (or bullet point) to the next
  • follows best practices for effective web writing
  • sounds like you (tuned to your brand’s voice and style)
  • attends to all the details (clear, consistent, and correct)


Every project is unique, so I always start with a free, no-obligation sample edit. When I send back your sample edit for review, I’ll attach a quote for how much it will cost to edit the rest of the document in the same way.

In general, however, you can expect editing for a 750-word blog post to cost about $100 to $125. My minimum per-project rate for copyediting is $100. Landing pages and home pages, which are less narrative by nature (think headlines and bullets, rather than paragraphs) cost about 50% more than blog posts.

 Looking for something less expensive? Check out my website proofreading service, which is ideal for a final check for mechanical errors before you click “publish.”



“Michelle enhances your piece of writing by asking the right questions and making intelligent suggestions.”

Tanya Quinteri, Multilingual Content and Web Design, Mrs. Divi

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