Services and Pricing

I offer proofreading, editing, and writing services. If you don’t know what you need, get in touch and I can point you in the right direction.


Proofreading is for texts that are nearly ready to go live. I’ll carefully consider every word of your text to ensure you look ultra-professional in print.

My proofreading service includes one round of editing for spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation issues.


Pricing varies depending on the project, but a typical proofreading job for a 1500-word document of narrative-type text, like blog posts, costs $60 to $100. My minimum per-project rate for proofreading is $50. Contact me for a quote for your project.


Copyediting is best for written materials that are drafted and perhaps revised, but still have that work-in-progress feel. Copyediting is not primarily about finding errors – it’s about using language to convey your message effectively.

I’ll help you craft headlines and opening sentences that grab your audience and make them want to keep reading.

I’ll make your writing flow seamlessly from one sentence (or bullet point) to the next.

I’ll address any style issues to clarify unclear passages, eliminate wordiness, and use strong active verbs.

For writing that’s destined for the web, I’ll show you how to transform your text into something that makes your customers and Google stop and take notice. I can optimize your content for search engines to help your site rank for specific search keywords.

I am well-versed in how to write and structure marketing materials like websites, brochures, and bios. I’ll make sure your writing style works for your publication type.

I will always protect your voice, and tailor my suggestions to your brand’s tone and style.


Copyediting a 750-word document of narrative-type text usually costs from $80 to $125. My minimum per-project rate for copyediting is $60. Your first one is free.


Pressed for time? Or maybe you just can’t stand writing at all? Hire me as your personal writer. It’s called ghostwriting, and no one has to know.

For writing projects, I will start by consulting with you to learn about your vision and what you need your words to do. I’ll ask you some questions and send you a question-and-answer template to fill out, which jump-starts the writing process by gathering the content I need before I can get writing.

Writing with me is a collaborative process, and you’re in control. I’ll send you an outline and a draft for comments and suggestions as we go along, and then revise until you agree we’ve got it just right.


Every project is unique. Contact me for a free consultation about the writing project you have in mind, and I’ll provide you with a firm price quote once we have hammered out all the details.

Your first one is free.

Send me 250 words of your writing and I'll give it my full-service copyediting treatment, for free. Let's create something stunning together.

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