SEO Audits for Small Businesses

seo audits in plain language

Plain Language SEO Audits

An SEO Audit Without the Overwhelm.

An SEO (search engine optimization) audit is a “state of the website” report.

What makes my approach different from most SEOs is that my audits are designed to be understood by anyone.

My goal is to teach you about how your website is performing, which empowers you to make smart and strategic changes to your site to grow your online visibility.

What Does An SEO Audit Reveal?

Get an SEO audit of your website to find out:

  • Which keywords your website is showing up for in Google searches, and why.
  • What your top-performing pages are, and why they are doing so well.
  • How authoritative your website is, and how it stacks up to your competition.
  • How many people are searching for your company on a monthly basis, and whether it’s trending up or down.
  • A list of which other sites link to yours (and a plain language explanation about why it matters.)
  • Competitor SEO site analysis of up to 5 competing domains. 

Every audit comes with:

  • A written report which is as jargon-free as I can muster.
  • Walk-through videos for every spreadsheet. In these videos, I explain what I see in your data … including what it means for your business going forward.
  • 45-minute follow-up call: Ask me anything! An SEO audit always raises fascinating questions and often reveals unexpected opportunities. Use this time to get your burning SEO questions answered by an expert.



Small business SEO audits start at just

$599 per website

Auditing the search engine presence of a small business website rarely costs more than $599. However, e-commerce, larger sites, and technical audits sometimes do take longer, and cost more. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote.  

Every audit includes a 45-minute follow-up video call. Additional hours of SEO training and coaching are available for $90/hour.



“Michelle did an SEO audit on my site, Fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

It’s going to make me take a whole different approach with how I produce content, being data-driven and SEO-driven. She’s just a world-class SEO audit specialist. I’m referring her to my students left and right now. She’s my SEO gal.”

Josh Hall, Web Design Coach,

Any Questions?

I’d love to answer any questions you have about my SEO audits or how SEO can help you level-up your online presence.

SEO doesn’t have to be scary. I promise.