Starting a Web Design Company? Get Josh Hall’s Web Design Business Course

By Michelle Bourbonniere, PhD

I’m not a web designer, but over the years I’ve dabbled with WordPress. I made my own site using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes and anytime I came across a Divi issue (like wrangling Divi to have a responsive design or customizing the “password protected” page) I always clicked on Josh Hall’s divi tutorials on YouTube first, before I checked out anyone else’s free (or paid) resources. Josh’s resources were always really well produced and I knew they would get me efficiently from “Ugh, why isn’t this working?” to “Ta da! Fixed!” … and usually in about 5 minutes, flat.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve come to know Josh Hall and his coterie of web design experts well. In 2019 I was introduced to him via Eric Dingler, the new CEO of Josh’s web design agency, InTransit Studios. Meeting Josh and his excellent group of web design professionals (through his Web Design Club and Student Center) has been nothing short of amazing.

I’ve now taken many of Josh’s courses, including his CSS for Divi course and his beginner’s Divi course, and I often recommend them to solopreneurs and small business owners in my network who don’t have the budget to hire a professional web designer and want to design their own website.

There’s one course which I haven’t taken … but know it’s a good one. I’ve worked with and consulted with many of Josh’s students who have taken this course that I know it’s worth its weight in gold. Frankly, I wish someone would make a similar course for editors!

Why Do Web Designers Need a Business Course?

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Well, Josh’s web design business course is quite unique.

It’s everything Josh learned in his 10+ years of building, growing, and scaling a web design business—he learned it the hard way, and show you the exact steps he took to get the business essentials in place. He has other courses for graphic design skills, and even for understanding the mysteries of C-panel. But this course is a practical one, since (sadly?) if you’re a professional web designer, it’s likely you’re going to be spending less time designing pretty websites … and more time than you anticipated crafting pretty proposals.

I’ve seen firsthand how valuable this course is for web designers. In his business course, Josh explains the theory (how to sell web design, how to find clients, and how to price web design projects…) but he also gives away all the practical building blocks you need to go from having nothing in place to looking ultra-professional (and organized) from day one.

You get access to a complete WordPress child theme (with content!) you can use to base your own web design business website from. Use them as is, or edit them as you wish. He’s also included all his checklists, SOP’s, on-boarding and off-boarding workflows, email scripts, funnel designs … basically everything is ready out-of-the-box to jumpstart a web design business and start selling successfully.

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