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What’s on your desk today? I offer a free sample copyedit (up to 250 words) to prospective clients. Simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to start the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For free? What's the catch?

Offering to edit a writing sample, even for free, is a┬ácommon practice among editors. It gives you, the client, a chance to assess my editing skills and decide for yourself if I’m the right editor for you. It’s an important part of the process for me, too. Every piece of writing is unique. By editing a sample of each document that arrives on my desk I can accurately estimate how long it will take to edit, which allows me to quote you a price for the job and a timeline for completion.

I submitted the form. What happens next?

Once I receive your request for a sample copyedit, I’ll get in touch with you directly via email with a few more questions about what you would like edited, and what type of editing you need. Then I will ask for you to send me your document and, just like with a paid job, we will set a deadline for when you can expect to hear back from me. Once I’m finished, I’ll send you my first-pass editing for review. You’ll have a chance to accept or reject any of my suggestions, and then you will send the document back to me for a final proofread. At this point, I’ll create and send you a clean copy of the text that is ready to go live. When we’re done working together, I’ll let you know how much editing a similar document would cost in the future.

What About Longer Documents?

I do not edit books, but I’m happy to take on other medium-sized projects such as annual reports, company magazines, and user manuals. If what you need edited is longer than 250 words, I will edit a sample of the text and then send it back to you for review, along with a quote for how much it will cost to edit the rest of the document. Should you decide to hire me, we will decide on a timeline for the project together and I’ll get to work.